Taylor Made Dog Training, Positive Animal Solutions Come To Spain

 Taylor Made Dog Training come to Costa Calida

Taylor Made Dog Training, Positive Animal Solutions team up to offer bespoke dog training.
The lucky people on the Costa Calida will be able to book lessons with Lynda Taylor who will be in Spain from time to time throughout the year. Lynda’s dates for availability can be found here  for when she’s in across in Murcia.
For any Ex-pats or British speaking dog owners who are wanting more details about the services offered, she also has details on her Facebook Page.

As you can imagine spaces are limited, but the reviews and feedback speak highly of this sought after trainer.



Taylor Made Dog Training

Positive Animal Solutions

Known across the world with customers in over 30 countries worldwide, Positive Animal Solutions are recognized as one of the foremost suppliers of dog training and behaviour books, DVDs and training aids in Europe.
Often acknowledged as the go-to supplier for new products, they’re the sole UK distributor of the Squishy Face Flirt Pole which is an ever popular motivational toy for dogs.

Based in the UK,  Positive Animal Solutions only stock products that encourage and support positive training methods, which ensures there is no risk to the dog as no aversive methods are used or supported. Lynda was the founder of Positive Animal Solutions in 2007 and at the brand & reputation has grown since.

Working with and hosting workshops, seminars and conferences alongside some of the best known and most highly regarded trainers from across the world, Lynda has continued with her CPD ( Continued Professional Development) thus adding to her 25+ years experience working with dogs.



Training The Trainers

Another aspect of Lynda’s expertise is the 10+ years she has been lecturing at Bishop Burton College on Hull University validated courses, including the BSc Canine Behaviour and Training and the FdSc Canine Behaviour and Training.
Many dog trainers in the UK and across the world have been students within Lynda’s lectures, many will have also attended the courses and conferences run by Positive Animal Solutions.


Taylor Made Dog Training, Positive Animal Solutions

What has been described as a win-win situation coming from the combined Taylor Made Dog Training, Positive Animal Solutions work ethics and ethos should help others.

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